Frozen – Every parent’s worst nightmare

For the past few years, each year in March, I receive a request to document stills of a performance play at Walnut Theatre here in Philadelphia. Flash is not an option for documentation, so I have to work within the confines of the lighting provided on stage. It has it challenges at times, but I manage to work around it. Manual settings for white balance, shutter and f stop is a must to capture the moments.

About the play: Frozen – Every parent’s worst nightmare.

A play by Bryony Lavery – Directed by Neilll Hartley.
Staring Kirsten Quinn – Allen Radway – & Renee Richman-Weisband

Ten year old Rhona leaves her house to return garden shears to her Grandma. She never gets there, she never returns. As the story unfolds the lives of her mother, the sociopathic serial killer and the psychologist that is studying him intertwine and explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse and change.

The show runs Thursdays thru Saturdays at 8Pm and Sundays at 7PM from March 9 th thru April 1st. Tickets available at