Flashback How I Started My Photography Career

I always had a passion for music, painting, and photography.  Do you remember when MTV was all about music videos and not reality tv?  Well if so great I feel less old, if not well… there was a time.

My mother in the 1980’s didn’t want us to have cable growing up, so I was a bit deprived as a child.  Given any opportunity to watch MTV, I was glued to the television until I had to leave.  I was addicted to the creative process of motion graphics, fashion, and storyline.  I would study every frame and wonder how I could be part of the production process. I dreamt of the day to be part of this world as I danced to Siouxsie and the Banshees, B52s, Depeche mode. 

As the years past this became a distant memory.  I use to host a show called “Sound and Vision”.  It was a combination of Music and Visuals.   I also made a little underground magazine called ‘The Flying Monkey’.  I have an obsession with monkeys for some reason.  I thought to myself that I would tour this show for the rest of my life, but it soon ended due to a lack of funding.  I then became a cubical girl for some time and then nightlife photographer.

That was the beginning of my beautiful friendship with photography-  yep, nightlife.  The cafe girl, the painter, the dreamer was now nightlife all the way.  I had to quickly go to the gym and purchase designer clothes to look cool. I also hired someone to teach me about makeup and made sure to get facials as well.  Looking hot and being the best nightlife photographer was my mission.  I photographed some of the hottest DJ’s and made sure every club-goer felt just as special and paid attention to.  Music brings us all together and that is the best part of the entire experience.

For over 10 years I contributed to DJ Times Magazine documenting their DJ Expo every year up to 2018 and work published within the following tear sheets below.  To see more visit this link:  https://www.edmchick.com/press


I’ve hired Kristine for several jobs in the past few years and I can affirm that her work is consistently terrific. She’s always understood our needs and she’s always delivered a great product. She has the kind of artistic eye that I’ve only encountered with a very few other event photographers. If I ever have any photography needs in her area, she’s always the first one I contact. A rare talent, to be sure.

Jim Tremayne

Editor /Coordinator for DJ Expo, DJ Times

After nightlife, I went onto Wedding Photography and today Commercial Photography.  I still desire to contribute music photography to publications such as Mix Mag, Zone Magazine, Beats Media,  We Rave You, etc. 

Till then… I’m also available for Promotional Images.  Here are two DJ’s I photographed in the past in studio and on location. 

Below is a flashback of me in my early twenties photographing nightlife.  I was the in-house photographer for Joey Harrison’s Surf Club and Bliss Lounge.