For this challenge I had to tell a story using only five photos with this Five Point Plot Structure. All images must follow the basic rules of frame composition. This is a great exercise in both storytelling and composition, and I highly recommend trying it sometime.

Here’s the Five Point Plot Structure: 

Photo 1: Exposition – Introduction of Characters, Setting (Establishes tone), Relationships (Orient your audience)

Photo 2: Rising Action – A series of events (in this case, one event) that build(s) on each other, leading to the climax. Each beat increases the tension and intensity of a story. This is the start of the conflict.

The conflict of your photo story must center on one of the main types of conflict: Person vs. Fate/God, Person vs. Self, Person vs. Person, Person vs. Society, Person vs. Nature, Person vs. Supernatural, or Person vs. Technology.

Photo 3: Climax – The height of the conflict, the most intense moment of the story, turning point of the story. This is the story’s centerpiece.

Photo 4: Falling Action – The fallout or consequences of the climax. The result of the climax on the story’s characters.

Photo 5: Resolution – This is what your characters come away with from the consequences of the climax. The film’s takeaway moment.

Mind you the images I created were taken in a bit of a rush –  10 minutes.  Honestly I would love to work on this excercise a bit more but here’s what I came up with.