Fashion Model Photo-Video Shoot

Fashion model photo-video shoot is a great solution for brands and model portfolios.  Having a theme and consistency throughout your social feeds and website, help engage your audience. For instance the images and video below we used pink as the theme color.

I directed the model. Keteon, what clothes to bring from her own closet to compliment the pink background. From there I selected which outfits to use,  directed her how to apply her own makeup, and the rest is history.  If a client is on a tight budget and comfortable doing their own makeup, then I would say we can opt out for a makeup artist. However if you are not comfortable doing your own makeup then I can arrange someone from my preferred list of artist. 

Having a professional makeup/ hair stylist makes a huge difference and allows for less retouching needs.  If you are a brand working with models, I would also suggest a makeup/hair and wardrobe stylist. It all depends on the clients budget and we can iron out the solutions.  

Here at ArtChick® Photo Studio, we offer casting calls in studio or virtually.  We work with all budgets and help negotiate with agencies and independent models to fit your needs.  

If you are a model or a brand looking for such a combination, contact me.  Model IG @_keteon


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