DuPont Environmental Education Center

I photographed the DuPont Environmental Education Center back during covid lockdown. My boyfriend at the time was able to work and take care of us both.  To entertain myself I explore the area were we resided, which was in downtown Wilmington Delaware.  I created this panoramic shot to display in the foyer of the entrance way to the apartment.  My intention was to hold onto to the memory of all the time we spent together hiking in nature.  It was the only thing we were able to do considering all the shops were closed and social distancing.  I adore nature so this was fun activity.  I also love the way the Delaware Nature Society developed this area for all to endure.  Although the relationship ended I still hold onto this memory and love looking back at this walkway.

If you are interested to purchase this image, I can print it any size you want from large scale to smaller print sizes.  I honestly find it works best on the larger scale to take in all the details and vibrant colors.  The first print I made of this image was metallic with a floating frame to avoid any need of framing.  This image would look amazing in a restaurant, residential or commercial lobby.

I also submitted this image for adobe stock in case someone wanted to use it for commercial or personal product for graphic design. I will post a link here if the image is accepted by adobe.  Till then contact me if you are interested to purchase this image.