It’s frankly amazing how some companies can invest such considerable time, concerted effort and real money into projects, but somehow skimp on the project’s photo budget. Whether it’s a marketing project or a basic promotion, the pictures sell the idea as much or more as the words. Your emotions are driven by the images – make them stand out! With compelling photography, you can accomplish this.

Jackie Cremer is represented by Mercury Management – Photo ArtChick TM

And when it comes to events – if you don’t have great photos, you don’t have much. Bad shots make an event look less appealing and, of course, if you don’t have any photography of an event… then, in the eyes of the public, that event simply didn’t happen. Tell your own story – take control and deliver images that represent your company or services in the very best way. Again, compelling photography can accomplish this.

The power of good image-making is real. Think of all the times you saw a billboard, a magazine photo or print advertisement that made you stop in your tracks. Powerful imagery can elicit a“Wow!” or a “What is that?” or, even better, an “I want that!” With compelling photography, you can have this – and it can make your business, your image and your reputation stronger than ever.

Don’t sell yourself short – invest in yourself, invest in compelling photography.