Dating Profile Photography

I can not press enough how powerful images have on your online experience.  When people are searching for a companion online, the images are the first thing they based their decision on.  Your images should be up to date and showcase your personality and interest.  It’s important to express positive energy throughout your session.  No one wants to be around someone who is unhappy or to serious all the time.  And no one wants to meet someone who looks nothing like their profile.  Save yourself the headache and others and let’s be present.  Maybe you love that image of yourself from 10 years ago, but trust me today you have more to offer.   We are always changing and getting older.  Embrace and celebrate who you are today because that is who you are now.

As a professional commercial photographer, I specialize in playing your personal director ,and help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.  At the end of the session I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.  I also enjoy writing about every assignment and hand select images I feel showcase you in the best light.   I find this process to be helpful to my clients when they are going through their images to post within their dating profiles and or linkedIn page.

In this post I worked with Allen for his dating and linkedIn profiles.   I helped him style his wardrobe and directed him throughout the session.  He had an interest years ago for acting, and honestly I think he is a natural on camera.  He was very comfortable with me and his personality really shined throughout the session.  Honestly not everyone warms up as fast as Allen on set, but after awhile I find people let that guard down and loosen up.  It can be a bit nerve wrecking in the beginning, especially if you never modeled before in this way.  It’s a lot of fun once you get into the swing of things.