Covid Blues a Fashion Editorial

November 2020, I envisioned what covid would look like; blue lips, pale skin, and to express the feeling of isolation. I didn’t witness in person someone with Covid, so I could only use my imagination.  Covid Blues a Fashion Editorial was my first attempt for international publication.

In the past, I tried to submit to fashion magazines under my trademark name  ArtChick™, but was denied. It was puzzling to me because DJ Times Magazine published my work several times using ArtChick™.  Then it dawned on me that those within the fashion industry use their real name, not a fictitious name. So I decided to go by my real name, Kristine Di Grigoli and it worked like a charm.  Covid Blues fashion editorial was published in two magazines!  The first one was called Horizont, based in Germany and the other Like a Lion, based in Australia.

I went onto create more fashion editorials.  Within six months I found myself published in 14 different publications worldwide.

  • Moevir Magazine
  • Malvie Magazine
  • Mob Journal
  • Teen Malvie (Cover Shot)
  • Assuré Magazine
  • Zolota Magazine
  • Off Town Magazine
  • Top Posters Magazine
  • Fienfh magazine
  • IMIRAGE magazine
  • Out and Out Magazine

So the name matters, all depending on your audience of course!

If you are not an agency model and looking to get signed up with someone, I would suggest hiring me for a portfolio session. These portfolio sessions include full body, 3/4 length, and headshots and up to 4 looks (meaning changes).

If you are interested in having yourself published, reach out to me.  You must have experience and be with an agency to apply.