City Girl Style Editorial

Back in June 2021, my creative team and I created a five look editorial labeled City Girl Style. In the past, we covered up to three looks for beauty with makeup changes. However this time was the full gamut, from intensive hair styles and makeup to couture wardrobe and accessories.

The original plan was to select either Seaside Heights boardwalk or Penns Landing for a carnival feel.  These locations required commercial permits.  When you are working on creative projects like this one, its out of your own pockets.

To save on permit expenses, we improvised by using the studio surroundings as our stage. By using the studio,  I was able to provide catering for the entire team and a place for us all to cool off in between looks.  Also take into account, 97 degrees, humidity, so yes to air conditioning and cold bottled water!

Ideally the best moments in my career are when we all go with the flow. This photo-shoot was all about it!  Magically, as if it were planned ahead of time, it all fell into place.

The first outfit replicated the blue sky and fluffy clouds above. The obvious was to use the sky as the background, but then I discovered something even better.  I found a reflection in an industrial window and directed the model to climb on an empty bike rack. In addition to the sunlight, I used my Profoto B10 to balance the exposure of the reflection in the window to light my subject. This is what happens when you go with the flow and trust your inner instinct.

The second look, I felt the yellow caution ribbon and an orange netting along the scaffolding  worked perfectly.  Hadley (the model) volunteered to climb up the scaffolding and even positioned herself upside down. This wouldn’t of been possible if it weren’t for her bravery and enthusiasm.

The synergy of those you work is so critical. Having the right team, you are able to celebrate the creative process. From positive vibes to enthusiastic suggestions, together we create something we can all reflect on and be proud of.

These photographs wouldn’t exist without my creative team. I want to thank all of them: Francesca Rivetti (Hair stylist), Marcia Williams (Makeup Artist), Fashion Stylist (Majeeda Monae), and Model (Hailey Rae Simon).

Published in three magazines; Top Posters,  Assure, and Horizont. 

City Girl Style Editorial
City Girl Style Editorial