Business headshots on white I find are the most popular background choice these days.  They are clean, pure, and bright in nature.  

There are other backgrounds you can choose from of course from environmental to gradated to even black.   If you would like to graphically add a background, I can add that also.  

Below is a series of headshots I photographed on location.  

If you are interested in services to photograph you and your entire staff, simply fill out the form within “Request A Session

Before and After Retouching

After a series of headshots of 35-50 images, I upload all the images on a large screen and begin the selection process.  The selection process works like the following. 

1) We select all the images you like

2) We pull up all the images you like and start to narrow it down to the very best one.

3) Once we decide on the very best image, I retouch it right in front of you to your liking. 

Below are some samples.