In the world of dating as well as business, it is important to have an approachable and professional image that makes it clear what you represent. We have many different options to help you better your personal life and your career by creating the best possible image for all your social and/or business intentions.

A simple head shot might seem like something anybody could do, but there are a lot of nuances that people don’t think about. What kind of lighting do you want? What should be in the background? Do you want to present yourself in formal attire or in something more casual? Should the image show you working or just smiling at the camera? These are all questions that a skilled photographer can answer, and be able to put you in just the right position to get the perfect shot.

If you have a business to promote, a good head shot can give your company a personal touch by giving customers a chance to identify with the person you choose to be the face of your business. If you are searching for a new relationship, you can use a great photo session to draw more attention to your on line presence, and give on line seekers a better sense of whom they will be meeting if they try to connect. In any of these scenarios, having an experienced commercial photographer create you image will help you make these decisions and properly promote yourself. You will be able to set just the right tone for anything you want to do.

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Have your portraits created in our stylish, 2,000-square-foot studio in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Recently renovated with state-of-the art equipment and more backdrops and props than you can imagine, Church Street Studios has it all! Our photo sessions can take place in the comfort of our studio, on location – or both.
Studio hours are by appointment – opened just for you!


Pricing for photography and/or videography services that are not listed below, including location work, extended assignments in advertising, product, fashion, catalog work, and event coverage are priced individually according to the specific details of each project.  Based on the description of the project a cost estimate will be provided. Feel free to call for estimates over the phone.