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Edgy Winter Fashion Editorial for MAS Scarves

Edgy Winter Fashion Editorial for MAS Scarves

,,Edgy Winter Fashion Editorial for MAS Scarves Concept:  A fashion editorial photo session for MASscarves with an edgy winter theme. Subject:   Samantha Hyman fashion designer and owner of MASscarves.  Showcasing her designs for both males and females.  Objective: ...

V-Flats and Gels in Studio

I'm excited to announce that I purchased V-Flats from @vflatworld just recently.  The delivery was a fast turn around too.  I just had to dive into them right away using my Profoto B10 lighting kit. This set up is incredible because I can take the studio just about...

Promotional Images for DJ Jeff Rush

Promotional Images for DJ Jeff RushJeff Rush is a professional nightclub DJ in Philadelphia since 1977. He started when he was 16, and worked in the clubs underaged (it was a loophole if you were an employee!)He went on to do local radio and internet shows...

Flashback How I Started My Photography Career

Flashback How I Started My Photography Career I always had a passion for music, painting, and photography.  Do you remember when MTV was all about music videos and not reality tv?  Well if so great I feel less old, if not well... there was a time. My mother in the...

Vulnerability Series

Sometimes I get a craving to break away from the safe corporate portrait and dive into the emotional state of mind.  Arielle was a great muse for me to work with.  She was always game to push the envelop and experiment with any concept.  For this series of images, we...

Business Headshot On Location

So today I received a last-minute business headshot request and happen to be available.   At first, the client was a bit hesitant to book due to pricing, but I managed to explain the process of image creation to justify the service. Now everyone nowadays can snap a...

Surreal Portraits Come to Life

Back in 2007, I decided to photograph myself in different scenarios and learn Adobe Photoshop to manipulate my images into one cohesive story.  Each day I would randomly pick an idea like 'Pouring myself coffee' or 'Falling dream'.  It was like a puzzle to figure out...

Kristine Di Grigoli Owner: ArtChick LLC

I always strive to create inspiring, well-crafted images that have meaning and purpose. Images that don’t just illustrate but also express. As a professional photographer/videographer my role is to communicate my client’s message.
In our world of expanding social media and increasing on-line presence, content is everything. The first thing people view and look at on-line are images especially images of people.
Professional quality photos and video are a essential part of a good business strategy.

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