Above & Beyond Tour in Detroit

I adore live music and the challenges that I face outside the studio realm. You have little control over the situation and in order to capture the moments all around you, you must adapt quickly on your feet.

The challenge for this assignment, I had to face the projectors behind the talent. I was not allowed on stage and couldn’t get behind or directly to the side of the them. I also only had access to the front of the stage for press and was limited to 15 mins in the beginning and the end of the show (ugh). It was like taking a timed test, way to much pressure. So to resolve this problem I decided to go into the depth of the crowd.

Above & Beyond fans are by far the nicest people I ever met in such a large crowd of people. They saw me with this huge camera and helped me get directly front and center. I was able to capture a few shots of the talent without the bother of rules and dealing with the bouncers or other photographers in my way. I also focused on working around the ever changing projector and lasers flashing directing from behind the talent with dark shadows at times in the foreground. It was crowded and hot. I had to change my shutter and f stop constantly with my manual settings and quickly anticipate the read for each shot and movement. Trust me this may look like a lot fun, but its very hard to manage a good image. I am a perfectionist so I just had to bite the bullet. The presence fades fast. When you see it get it. When you look away you miss it. So your attention to every detail and the wild guessing games, just go wild and hope for the best.

Thank you for reading.