Beauty Head Shots For My Muses
Beauty Head Shots For My Muses

Beauty Head Shots For My Muses

I discovered my muses through by going out and approaching them on a random note to model for me.  Arielle I met on NYE at Front Street Cafe and Gwenn I met through an Uber car share ride.  Both of them I found to be inspiring and asked them; “Are you a model or interested to model?  I am a photographer with a studio and always looking for subjects.”

A model’s book is a work in progress.  The goal of a great modeling book should tell a story about who you are and the direction you are aiming your career to.   A beauty shot (fashion/ editorial models) or a clean head shot (commercial models) is the first type of photo you should be concentrating on when you do your first photo shoot.

It is essential to provide such a such, so that an agency or client can see exactly how you look without heavy makeup or styling.  A beauty shot or commercial head shot should always be the first photo in a model’s book.

I enjoy working with people, especially my muses – Arielle and Gwenn.  We have worked on an array of images this past year from fashion editorials to fine art portraits.  Having muses allows me to experiment and showcase endless possibilities to my current and future clients.  It also provides an outlet for freedom of expression without the added pressure.   My models also have the opportunity to build their portfolios and learn about the process, collaborate, and experiment without pressure too.  Together we collaborate, experiment, and discover new facets to market one another.

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There’s more future projects to come…  creative juices never stop running wild!