Back to Work Fall Sale

I thought it would be pretty funny to play on the concept of “Back to School” campaigns and to give a it a twist;  Back to Work Fall Sale  So for all those heading back to the office this fall, I would like to offer you a special discount of 10% for picture day. 

There’s nothing better than having a brand new business portrait for yourself and the entire team.  Why not take advantage of this moment and celebrate a fresh look for your company.

Lately I can’t help but notice on clubhouse how creative people are with their brand colors in the background and complimentary wardrobe.   The possibilities are endless, so together let’s brainstorm the best concept for your new look!

I am excited to be honest to see people heading back to work.  Already several of my past clients and some new ones are already on board for picture day this year.  We have selected the locations and backdrops to communicate their brands message. I am so looking forward to doing the same with you!

If you are worried about your looks or covid weight, don’t, everyone looks great in headshots, trust me.  I will guild you how to pose and will work my lighting magic to sculpt out any imperfections.   Also photoshop is my additional magic wand. If only we could go into a machine and press buttons to remove double chins, pimples etc.  Well in the digital world we can do anything.

I can come to your office, an outdoor location to set up or we can meet at my photo studio near center city Philadelphia.  Either case I am flexible either way.

I provide have an online calculator that will give you an estimate per person (keep note 10% on top of the total).  This pricing structure includes individual as well as group shots.  This offer ends September 15th, 2021.  Must book your session prior to the last day to take advantage of this offer.

I am available to zoom with you, simply message me your request.