Advertisement Campaign for Movie Tavern

Back in 2016, I was commissioned to photograph the advertisement campaign for Movie Tavern. I was in charge of photographing the architecture both exterior and interior as well as people interacting on set from staff to patrons.

Advertisement Campaign for Movie TavernI made sure to have a ladder to use outside to capture the architecture. The ladder helps with the leveling out the lines of the building. For the interior I used a 14mm and 24-70mm for people hanging out by the bar and being served in the theatre. For post I used adobe light room and photoshop to make a few adjustments here and there.

I miss going to the movie theaters. I am not sure what the forecast is for movies now that covid and Netflix took over.  Just the other day I noticed a movie with Tom Hanks being advertised on TV with Apple.

So much is changing in the world and we have no choice but adapt.  I am old school. I still feel watching a movie is best on the big screen, not streaming on my iPhone.  Then again the theatre by me has old posters still up and little to no cars are in the parking lot.

The Movie Tavern concept of being served food and alcohol while watching a good flick, appeals to me.  What can I say I adore sipping a glass of red wine with a little popcorn while watching a movie.

From what I can see, the Movie Tavern is still up and running.  I hope it stays for the long hall, but only time will tell. Till then its off to the beach, morning runs, and a good summer read for me.  After last year with the lockdown, who wants to watch Netflix at home.  Perhaps this movie tavern is a better alternative.