Adobe Creative Jam in Philadelphia

What an honor to be hired by Adobe to document their Creative Jam event in Philadelphia at the Fridge Arts on March 14, 2018. I met many like minded business artist at this event too. It’s so hard to find business artist in this world, so discover a room filled with them was blissful experience for me. Thank you Adobe for having these events and for having me be part of it.

Just last year I was also hired to be one of the promotional speakers for their Creative Jam event at Philadelphia State University in March 2017. I must say after facing my mentor (Joe Chielli) passing away the month prior, I was feeling a bit lost.  We are all hard on ourselves and honestly when Adobe contacted me and asked me to present I was honored.  Joe said to me “Your on your own now Kid”  and the venture so far has been nothing but exciting.

I am so happy to meet other creative types that are driven and focused.  It’s so important to surround yourself with like minded people.  If you ever get a chance I highly recommend Adobe Creative Jam events and Adobe Max.  It truly is an experience I find every artist should encounter.