Actor Headshot for Randall Gort

The whole point of a portrait, for me, is to understand that person. To collaborate with their mind, meeting mine, and then photographing them. I like to think of myself as a painter, making a portrait through the spirit of the subject’s eyes, shining directly through the lens and looking at you as an audience.

For Randall, he saw me as a true artist who could capture him in the ways that he struggles to deliver to the public. Not only that, he is an engineer who was able to help me replace the fan within my optical snoot lighting device that Joe cherished for years, and had fallen apart when the ceiling collapsed at the sold studio in Old City. This very light was so important to Joe, because it was made for stage lighting. It gave Joe a lighting with character that no one else could possibly capture on the fly, digital images in hand, walking out the door in the raw.

Randall has always had a passion for acting.  He typically cast as an executive (or other skilled professional) , family member,  a murderer,  Alzheimer’s patient , or cross dresser.  Many Directors and casting personnels tell Randall that he has a very expressive face and significant presence and gravitas.

I worked with Randall previously in studio about a month and a half ago.  For this session Randall requested for an outdoor session.  I adore using the city as a stage and the looking for shaded areas with a bounce wall.  Here’s my favorite shot from the session.

If you are interested to book a session simply message me