<h2>Tear Sheets From Canada in May 2016</h2>
 Sheet from Xpressions Magazine, (Canada)-May 2016

Shayna Alexis is an internationally published pinup and glamour model. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and spent her childhood and teenage years as an actress and print model in the Philadelphia area.

After college (Tyler School of Art) Shayna continues to work as a print and commercial model in the Las Vegas area. Some of her print work has appeared in the pages of Pinup America Magazine (International Photo Contest Winner for January/February 2014 and March/April 2014), Vogue Italia Online and Maxim Online, to name a few. To date, Shayna has worked with countless photographers and has 250+ tears to her name including online and print publications.

Shayna currently resides in Las Vegas where she immerses herself in the fine arts community. She also has Celiac Disease (An auto-immune disease of the small intestine, making it extremely sensitive to foods such as; Gluten, Wheat, Barley and Rye making digestion difficult) and continues to manage the complications of the disease through excercise, medicine and a Gluten-free and Vegan diet . In addition to that, Shayna is an Animal Rights advocate and volunteers at local cat rescue organizations.

**Bookings can be made through Shayna’s Agency/Management at ShaynaAlexisModeling@gmail.com

Makeup by Keya Smith.

Tear Sheets From Canada in May 2016