Social Media Profile Photo Session

Today’s photo session was focused on dating profile and to highlight the persons personality and interest. She liked to read, dance, and nature. She loved to smile too and I must say smiling is best for dating profiles. Who wants to date a person who looks to serious, nah smiling person who’s happy in nature, yes that’s the person I want to meet!

I had her bring a couple different outfits from dressy to casual and few props to showcase her interest. She brought some of her favorite books and clothing that she really loved. The images have to showcase the real you. Let’s face it not everyone is a model or actor so it can feel daunting at first, but I have a way of making the session fun. This client had a great time and even remarked “Wow that was really fun and better than I imagined it would be!” This just made my day that much greater.

Here’s a quote I received from another client, much like this one with a similar request.

“Kristine took photos of me about a year ago to be used for social media. I spent a delightful afternoon with her – she’s responsive, careful, and easy to work with. Among quite a few good photos, I selected a small number of bests and used them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and several online dating sites. I’m 71, so I felt I needed a professional to make me look my best for connecting with interesting dates — I saw sooo many bad selfies online already. It worked – after about a month, I met just the right charming man on OkCupid, and we’re now a happy, committed couple.”

Martha Cornog
Writer/reviewer of graphic novels