Skin Product Photo Session

I had the pleasure of working with Model Inna Polutskaya in studio and surrounding location.  We collaborated together on concepts and clothing.  The navy blue suit from Banana Republic (I love to wear this suit for corporate assignments and meetings!).   The goddess Parvati came to my mind when Inna was posing with the Product.  It was a last minute experimental idea.

Parvati is depicted in art as a mature and beautiful woman, usually with ShivaDurgais a fierce warrior goddess. She is depicted in Hindu art as riding on a lion or a tiger. She has many arms and is always brandishing a variety of weapons and attacking the buffalo demon Mahisha.

Quote from Model about this skin product:

“Amazing how clear skin can change quality of our lives… Very little detail, but means so much… to have beautiful, healthy skin did change my life forever. The best about it that I found a healthy solution to do it. If you have acne, you are not alone. I’m doing this post to help you out and get you clear. I wish somebody did it for me 10 years ago, so I wouldn’t have gone through depression, embarrassment, scarring…That’s why I’m putting out this content for you to get clear. If you need help to clear your skin out, text me, and I will do everything I can to help. Also check this page out, where you will find tons of information on acne treatment using this link #acnetips #acnesufferer#acnetreatment #howtoclearacne #howtoclearskin #acneprogram#acneproneskincare #acneproneskin #acnesolution #acnefreelife#acnefreeclinic #drugfreeacnetreatment #”