Product Photography for E-Commerce

Trying to sell your products on Amazon or your own E-Commerce website?    It is important to have great images to display every detail about your product.  For this photoshoot I helped select talent from a local model agency and styling.  Depending on your budget I can recommend several approaches.  In the most ideal situation I would suggest to hire a professional model,  makeup/hair stylist, and wardrobe fashion stylist to work with your photographer.  However not everyone can afford the entire package.

Typically I price these jobs per product and per number of images for each product needed or I provide an hourly studio fee.  Sometimes clients like to be present during the sessions, other times they are to far away to be present.  I am flexible to accommodate either way.

This project I was the stylist and photographer.  I directed the model what to bring and helped select each outfit to go with the belts.  Having a stylist is often better in my opinion because they dog the details throughout the session.  However I had to play both roles in this case.  I also had to dust off the products and place them carefully on set to create a consistent formate and steam the outfits and clamp the back of the shirt to prevent any bunching up.  The devil is in the details throughout the entire session.

Amazon requires a white background, so its important to understand lighting technique to follow these guidelines.  When a potential client  is looking to purchase online, it is critical to provide as much detail as possible.  I used a macro 105 lens for this session.  I find macro to be the best lens of choice to gather as much detail as possible.  Below are some of my A Selected images from the session. If you have any questions about this service feel free to reach out to me.


Model Steven C from Model Management Agency