Plus Size Adult Model Portfolio

Thinking of a second career before you hit retirement or perhaps something else to do while you are retired?   For this session I worked with Sara for her first Plus Size Adult Modeling portfolio.  She figured why not give it a shot, ever since her hair turned completely gray, she gained  a lot of attention for it. And sometimes people asked her  if ever modeled. She read a article about Cindy Joseph who was discovered in her late 40’s and who is now thriving at 60 years old. The more she researched it, the more she found that there seems to be a growing market for senior models (not really surprising with all these baby boomers!). She already knew there’s a market for plus sized so she thought she put them together and give it a shot.

This kind of work is why I became a Commercial Photographer.  I get to work with a wide array of assignments from adult models,  fashion models, corporate head shots for instance.

I  always strive to create inspiring, well-crafted images that have meaning and purpose. Images that don’t just illustrate but also express. As a professional photographer/videographer my role is to communicate my client’s message.

In our world of expanding social media and increasing on-line presence, content is everything. The first thing people view and look at on-line are images especially images of people.

This photo session was Portfolio II, which includes three looks (meaning different outfits)  both in studio and on location.  The trick is to show a variety of looks from casual street attire,  business, and dressy.  Sometimes fitness is a good look too.  It all depends on what the model is looking to achieve.  It is important to look natural as possible and to express different emotions as well.  If this is your first time modeling, don’t worry, I can help guide you.  I love helping people gain their confidence and to provide as much feedback as possible.