Pinkly Perfect Product with Model Fall Edition

Today’s assignment was to work with model Lauren O’Brien from Model Management Agency (MMA) and Maddy’s new fall products for her company Pinkly Perfect Inc.   Maddy brought in pink painted pumpkins with glitter and pastel colored candies for a Halloween twist Pinkly Perfect style.

I had two setups, one for product on a reflective surface on white and another set for the model full body wearing new clothing line and carrying tote bags. Lauren is a great model to work with.  She is very professional and consistent with being in character on set.  Some of the lettering on the tote bags are reflective, so I had to be mindful throughout the session to make sure the viewer could read it. With every session you must always dog the details and be prepared to make adjustments when needed.

Here are a few of my favorite images from our session.  I can’t wait to see what Maddy does with them on her social media platforms and website.  Her inventions are really clever and fun.  I feel inspired now to paint my pumpkins pink!  It sure does beat the gloom and skulls of Halloween.  Oh and let’s not forget how much we love the beach and vacations.  Why not celebrate that blissful feeling everyday.