Model Portfolio for Darion Griggs

Model Portfolio One Session with Darion was shot in studio and on location.    This is a great starting package as well as Portfolio Two Session.  Portfolio One Session includes two looks, meaning wardrobe 100-150 images to choose from, and digital negatives the day of the session.  Model portfolios should look natural.  I like to refer to it like a blank canvas.  Just think if a model can look great naturally, just imagine all the other things you can do.  That’s what makes a good portfolio for those just starting out.

I direct my clients to bring a selection of items from their closets from dressy, casual, to workout attire.  I have a few items here in my prop closet as well to include when necessary.  In some cases I’ll hire a stylist and makeup artist as well, but it all depends on the clients budget.  If a model is comfortable with doing their own makeup that is fine, however I highly recommend a makeup artist.  Having a professional makeup artist provides cleaner images and less need for retouching.  There’s a difference between good makeup work and bad makeup work also.  This is critical to keep in mind.  Darion however had flawless skin, so we lucked out in the retouching department.

I really enjoyed working with Darion.  He was easy to direct and very natural on camera.  I am looking forward to see where his career goes to next.  I wish him all the luck in the world.  He also has no tattoos and in today’s world I find that to be rare.