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Massage Philadelphia is an exclusive, express mobile massage therapy service that caters to guests staying at Major Hotels in Center City Philadelphia, Philadelphia Airport, and King of Prussia as well as select residences.

Massage Philadelphia started in 2011 when a demand was uncovered from Business Executives, Sports Figures, Celebrities and Conventioneers looking for express massage therapy appointments during evening hours when their business was finished for the day. Unfortunately, spa’s were closed and massage therapists were off or did not accept last minute appointments.

They started with having one massage therapist available each night to serve clients and as more visitors learned that they could book an evening appointment in an hours notice with a Professional Licensed Massage Therapist they immediately added more therapists, currently having at least 5 to 6 therapists available each evening at our state of the art dispatch facility assuring that you get your Express Massage appointment scheduled and a therapist at your door on time.

Whether you had a busy day networking or simply:

• Need to relieve stress and anxiety for the big presentation the next day
• Muscle and joint pain from a long flight
• Suffering from the stress’s of today’s fact paced lifestyle and financial pressures
• Sore after the game
• Stressed related insomnia
• Just got off the movie set at 11pm
• Just wrapped up that important dinner meeting and closed the big deal

Their licensed massage therapists are a phone call away and ready to serve you in Center City Philadelphia.