Forman Mills Winter Catalog Photo Shoot

It’s time again for the latest display of cold weather fashion from the zaniest clothing company in the world. Forman Mills kicks out their latest looks for 2015 Fall Winter Fashion at ArtChick ™ at Church Street Studios.

Understand we are not talking Paris / Milan runway here…none of that “Haute Couture” effete elite stuff with emaciated models strutting down the runways like vampires looking for prey.

This is down home, urban, east coast cool and cozy clothing to keep you warm and in style when the leaves and snow start falling. We have fun when we shoot Forman Mills because there is no pretense, no “prima donna” attitudes, and nothing bizarre, over the top, or too-bare-to-wear. These are trends in fashion that are mostly practical, and all about “what’s next” for “normal” (whatever that means today) folks to wear to school and to work and feel great in.

We are not talking clothing for the 1% here. We are talking about dressing the 99% and making them look as good as a buck can stretch. This is about clothes that look good and don’t force you to sell your scooter, or mortgage the bungalow, or downsize the apartment, or cancel your gym membership.

We enjoyed creating it, working beside the A-team at Forman Mills including Eric Gerstein,Tedi Marville, Desiree Atkins. I want to also thank my photography assistant Anthony DeMelas, videographers from Woodshop Films, and wardrobe stylist Spencer Michael for being part of the ArtChick ™ team.