Environmental Portraits for The Melissa Healy Group

I photographed a client back when I first moved to the new location here in Fishtown.  Melissa loved how I photographed the session for this client and requested I photograph her and her team.   When I arrived to the location and saw the lobby, I realized this was the first location job I had with Joe Chielli (founder of Church Street Studios/ My Mentor and Associate) seven years ago.  I forgot where the location was and have been wondering where it was.  It’s amazing how the universe works.  There I was in the same lobby seven years later on my own shooting executives.

I started the session photographing them as a group on white as per request.  Then I continued with the environment as a backdrop on the steps and then inside the office areas.  I wanted to carry the same effect Joe and I did for the Asian bank about two years ago.  The trick to photographing these environmental shots is to use depth of field (DOF) to blur out the background and to focus on the subject. The colors of the company are red, black ,white, and gray.  I wanted to have the red be the background highlight throughout their headshot so to showcase individuality, yet keep it consistent at the same time.


“Fabulous and talented! Kristine came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. I have used several photographer’s over the years for my business photos but these were, by far, the best photos we ever had taken. Kristine has a keen eye and it very talented. She’s extremely professional, fun to work with and is efficient. We had our photos to review in less than 24 hours. I would highly recommend Kristine and her team, and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Melissa Healy

Realtor/Partner, The Melissa Healy Group

Behind The Scenes