Catalog Photography for Pals Cool Sock Designs

This past June 9, ArtChick Photography welcomed Pals Socks, a formerly Brooklyn-based apparel company that recently relocated to the City of Brotherly Love, for a photo shoot of their latest offerings.

Specializing in playfully designed, mismatched socks for children, Pals’ brand also carries a timeless message to kids: “Even if we don’t match, let’s be Pals.” Indeed, the whimsical designs from Pals creator Hannah reflect that inclusive sentiment – and to hear the models from the shoot, the socks are really splendid to wear.   

I recall the comments coming from the adult models; “Wow, these are super comfy and fun to wear.”  Meanwhile, the children expressed no discomfort from the moment a parent slipped on the socks and helped direct their child onto the set. Lucky for everyone involved, the parents were really attentive and helpful. Thank you for that – way to go parents on this set!

I directed each model – kid or adult – on how to pose with a close-up of the product. Then we moved onto full-length poses, then sitting, and finally for the fun part – to dance, act silly, and to not always look at the camera. The models really came to life on camera, with attention to details like making sure that the socks’ faces – be they unicorns, dragons or ladybugs – were in position, clear and intact. I must say it was rewarding to capture and direct all walks of life from the ages of 3- to 8- years old.

As mentioned, Hannah relocated from Brooklyn to Philadelphia recently and needed a catalog photographer to shoot her latest collection. She brought snacks and toys for the kids – a really brilliant move. My studio is 2,000 square feet, so the front gallery/ waiting room was transformed into a play area for the kids. The instant the kids walked in, they gravitated to the play area right away. Beyond the gallery/waiting room, there is a kitchen for the snacks and, beyond that, my 12-foot seamless shooting area for the model shoot. Everything worked smoothly all day.

In all, there were 10 child models and four adult models for this session – so we had a pretty full house. We also had balloons floating everywhere and Disney tunes playing on my Spotify radio station to keep the energy motivating and upbeat. Every little detail goes a long way for such a session. 

For their efforts, I would like to thank: my intern Emily for helping out on all fronts; James Foytlin from PhillyFaces for running the casting call for talent; Jim for assisting in greeting guests as they arrived; and my assistant Gwenn for helping with photo retouching.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite shots from this session – enjoy!