Business and Lifestyle Photo Session

In today’s digital world, images are a major part of our communication.  Without clear expressive images people lose the sense of who you are and what you really look like.  There are countless images of people cropping out a person, because they like the way they look, or attempting to make a selfie in the mirror and fail to get it right.  Hiring a professional is a great option to accomplish what you need for both business and personal needs.


For this photo session I worked with both casual and business attire in studio and on location.  Its important that you remain upbeat during your session,  in order to accomplish creating a great set of images to attract others to talk to you.  No one wants to deal with someone who looks too intense or unhappy.  Together my client and I shared stories and made each other laugh throughout the session. Who knew a photographer also had to retain a sense of stand up comedy skills.


To learn more about this service feel free to call me:  267-253-4659.  You can also look through my packages listed HERE.  I suggest Portfolio I or II for a session much like this one. It consists of headshot, full body, and 3/4 length shots. All digital negatives are given the same day of the session to.