Beauty Portfolio For Model Agency Model

I love simple and perfection, who doesn’t.  Sure I can complicate things and do something really drastic. However I find simple and really close up really helps the viewer tap into the soul of the subject.

I recently watched a documentary on a photographer by the name of Platon on Netflix.  I must say I can relate to him on so many levels.  Watching this documentary reminded me about slowing it down and really getting to know your subjects.  It’s so easy to get so lost with life and all it hurtles, but today I listened to my subject and focused on their needs, not just what I would suggest.

The interaction between us was magical.  Honestly I wouldn’t of accomplished such a beautiful series of work if I didn’t take the time to just slow it down.  I am looking forward to producing more close up shots much like this set for other aspiring agency models.

Agency:  Model Management Agency (MMA)