Private New Year Birthday Celebration

My birthday is January 2 and this year I decided to have a private party at my studio, pot luck style~   I know how hard this time of the year is for everyone financially and I thought to throw a pot luck party in my space would be the best move.   I also labeled it as a “Recovery Party” , one last hoorah before the winter hits us hardcore.

I’m so happy for the friendships I have made throughout the years.  I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people.   We must all take time to appreciate one another and remember to enjoy our lives. Life can be difficult at times but we must all try our best to continue to move forward and remain positive.  Each day I wake up I light a candle for Joe and reflect on forgiveness and the things I am grateful for.

Since I am a photographer I had to take photos during this party; how could I resist.  I set my camera up on a tripod with a timer and had everyone jump into the shot with me.  It was so much fun to just dive in with a free spirit and share my passion for having such a beautiful studio.  I plan to have more celebrations throughout the year.   Right now I am working hard on my solo show and the exhibit for Joe Chielli has been extended till my new series of work is complete.  So for all of you who missed Joe Chielli’s Celebration Exhibition, make sure to reach out to me to stop by to see it.  Joe was a great mentor to me and he will never be forgotten.  I am so proud to continue his legacy through my hard work.    I also want to thank all my clients, family , and friends for all their support.  You all mean the world to me as well.

Thank you again and let’s continue to make this year another great one to reflect on~